Smithfield Ham Gourmet Slices

Smithfield Ham Gourmet Slices - from Old Virginia Ham Shop

Just the right blend of sugar and salt


Fully cooked and thinly sliced Genuine Smithfield Ham. They're perfect for ham biscuits, hors d'oeuvres or just nibbling.

Two sizes: 4 lbs. or 6 lbs.


   Smithfield Ham Gourmet Slices - 4 lbs.

   Qty:    Price: $67.95 (Four 1 Lb. Pkgs.)    (Shipping Cost: $26.00)



   Smithfield Ham Gourmet Slices - 6 lbs.

   Qty:    Price: $101.95 (Six 1 Lb. Pkgs.)    (Shipping Cost: $29.00)



Storage & Preparation Tips


Serve at room temperature or warm gently in oven or microwave. Do not overheat; this will tend to dry out the ham.

Shelf Life
Store up to 10 days without refrigeration; 6 weeks refrigerated; or 4 months frozen in sealed packages.